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FAQ - alienforce - 12-23-2022

How is my rating calculated? 
Your rating calculation is based on ELO rating system.

Why am I gaining small points for a win but losing a lot points for a loss?
After a game, the winner takes points from the defeated opponent, and the amount of points is determined by the difference in those two players' ratings.

If the player with higher rating wins, a few points will be taken from the lower rated opponent.
If the player with lower rating wins, a lot of points will be taken from the higher rated opponent.

How to make a castling?
Select your King, and if a castling move is available, you will be able to move the King for 2 squares toward a Rook.

Why pawns sometimes can make illegal moves?
Actually, this is a special pawn capture move called En-Passant, and this move can be made only just after an opponent's pawn makes a move of two squares from its starting square.